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Sunday, May 11, 2014: Cape Town

Hello Followers!

Day one in Cape Town has been quite the adventure! We started our morning off with a trip to Table Top Mountain (Pictured in the first four photographs) and got to see the city from way up high. It was truly beautiful. While up there, the entire group had the chance of seeing hyraxes, a relative to the elephant but similar looking to a groundhog. After leaving Table Top Mountain, we were given a tour of the city by our guide, Jacques. We learned about the history and learned a bit of the language (strand is Afrikaans for beach, in case you didn't know). We got lunch and boarded the ferry for Robben Island, the place that housed the prison cell for Nelson Mandela. At the island, we had a bus tour on which we learned that there are approximately 200 residents, including some ex-political prisoners of the island, and that 27 are children. Every time a child is born, the church raises a flag, blue for boy and pink for girl, to celebrate the birth. Robben Island is an incredibly beautiful place, but it's history is plagued as a place that was once used to send people with leprosy, then as a military base, a prison cell, finally being turned into an island filled with free residents. We reached the jail and the walking tour was led by an ex-political prisoner who, alongside Mandela and many others of the prison, was jailed because they had wished to end apartheid. After reaching Madela's cell, the group walked back to the ferry, the very same walk the prisoners took when they gained their freedom. We returned to shore and had dinner, witnessing the beautiful sunset behind the mountains. After returning to the hotel, we journaled about the day and the animals we saw.

(The first road built in Cape Town)
(Our penguin friends on Robben Island)
(A sight from Robben Island)
(Nelson Mandela's cell)
(A Cape Town sunset)
(Working hard after dinner!)

Happy Mother's Day!

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