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Day 4: elephants, monkeys, birds, oh my!

Today, we had an animal filled adventure. We began the day by going to an elephant sanctuary. Here, we got up close and personal with these gentle giants. The three elephants we get to know we're named Marula, Jabu, and Thandi. These big girls were nice enough to let us feel around their big bodies in order to let us get to know these animals a little more. What interesting sensations! We also had the opportunity to ride these majestic girls.

After saying goodbye to the elephants, we went over to MonkeyLand. Here, we encountered many different types of monkeys and primates from all over the world. It was all open habitat so we were very close to the monkeys. They were very fun to observe because they were so active. 
Our final animal adventure was to the Birds of Eden. This was also an open habitat sanctuary for birds from all over the world. There were birds from China, Australia, Thaliand, and many other areas. There were gorgeous, colored birds flying all around us. Morgan almost got dive bombed by one, but averted the attack with grace. 

Adventure Awaits, 

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Barbara Munden said...

I'm enjoying the blog. Keep the posts coming.
From Barbara Munden (Christopher's aunt)

Cathi said...

Loving reading your adventure - sorry you didn't get to post more.

Christo Steyn said...

I like your blog. South africa homes

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