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Sunday, May 4, 2014: 5 days until departure

Hello followers!

There are only five days until our group of 12 students and four adult advisors depart for South Africa to learn about animal behavior and explore our new surroundings. The picture above is the shape of South Africa, with its flag making up the the country itself. Over the next few weeks, expect to see pictures and posts about the adventures Sam, Devin, Gabrielle, Josh, Jordan, Jacob, Lexi, Jane, Morgan, Christopher, Zach and myself are having halfway across the world!

Much love,
Krystle Grygo

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Krystle is pictured on the right
Krystle Grygo is a senior (graduating August 2014) psychology major at High Point University. She plans to attend graduate school in the coming years to attain her doctorate in psychology. Her home state is New York, but loves coming to school in the ever beautiful North Carolina. She is a sister in Phi Mu and recently ended her term as the secretary for the Odyssey Program, the social portion of the Honors Program. Krystle is looking forward to seeing the animals, but secretly is mostly hoping to ride the elephants.

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